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Shoe Labels: Three Ways

I know, I know, you're excited to find out the details. But before we begin with specifics, let's remind ourselves WHY LABELS MATTER:

  1. Saves time. You can find what you need WHEN you need it.

  2. Saves your sanity. You are reminded where to place an item once you're done with it, setting yourself up for reason # 1 (it's a cycle, get it?).

  3. Saves your relationships. Your personality-diverse housemates are all on the same page as to where to find and place items. Really.

  4. Saves money. You know how much of an item you have, like flour or sugar, as you can see what is what in your pantry, and don't overbuy items you already have.

  5. Saves your dinner. Have you ever mistaken the salt for the sugar? Well, just imagine the anticipation of some scrumptious fried apples absolutely ruined by a simple mix-up. (I can't still believe my housemate had a gigantic container of salt on the countertop! What maniac needs that much salt?!) A simple label could've spared my disgust and saved my dinner.

It may seem like a little thing, but a space is truly not done until there's labels on it. Don't undo all your hard work in purging, sorting, and organizing by leaving items unlabeled!

And, depending on your closet set up, some shoe labels might be just the ticket to making your morning routine that much more enjoyable. Below I describe 3 different methods to show labeling (and organizing by proxy) that I've used with clients. Pick your level of effort and time involvement.

Low Bar

All-purpose labels, on either original shoe boxes or clear boxes like these from the Container Store (only $1.48 each!). This is a great option if you just need it done, only want to spend a few dollars, and don't care about aesthetic. Bonus: most shoe boxes have a photo of the shoe on the outside already!

Middle Bar

Labels from a label maker on clear boxes, drawers, or drop-front boxes. Using a label maker ensures the font is the same and readily legible. You can choose the shoe boxes linked above, or for a bump up, can use shoe drawers or drop-front shoe boxes. I use a Brother Ptouch Cube label maker and love it's versatility!

Example of label maker labels: easy to read!

High Bar

Photo labels of the actual shoe. This is great if you have multiple colors of the same shoe, want to find your shoes quickly, have a larger amount of shoes, and/or have ADHD tendencies in which visual cues are more helpful than words. It is time intensive, as each shoe takes about 5-7 minutes to photograph, print, and label correctly. We used the Canon Ivy mini photo printer as it has multiple editing options and prints on sticker paper!

Once I upload the IG reel on our process, I will post it here. Basically we set up a photo shoot in our client's bedroom and got to work!

Whichever way you end up labeling your shoes, know that your efforts will pay off. I always say that entering your closet should be like going to a party where you know everyone AND like everyone! Same with your shoes! If you can see where they are, you're more likely to wear them, and that's one step (no pun intended) closer to discovering which are friends and which are foes. Good luck!

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