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The One Reason Why You Don't Stay Organized

On the theme of self-compassion and kindness this month (Happy Valentine's Day!), I'm super pumped to share this resource that has changed how I work with my clients, based on their organizing personality. That's right, you have an organizing personality!

The one reason you don't stay organized is that you're organizing for someone else, not yourself. You may have a picture in your head of how it "should" look, but is that really the best for YOU? Before you spend a ton of money on product or even hiring a professional organizer, let's figure out how YOU need to organize!

I first heard Cas Aarsen on the NAPO Stand Out podcast (#96 linked here), and then subsequently met her at the 2022 NAPO Conference in Baltimore. What stood out to me from her journey is that she is not a naturally organized person, and she doesn't "organize in the traditional way." After struggling for years to maintain organization, she discovered that people generally have 4 different organizing styles. Once she realized this and began teaching her clients based on their specific organizing style, she saw immediate, lasting results. I absolutely love this kind and no shame approach to organization, and have adopted it in my own business!

What are the four styles? So glad you asked.


Description: Ladybugs are hidden organizers that like their everyday used items to be out of sight. Ladybugs struggle to maintain detailed systems and tend to shove and hide things, so they need large baskets with fewer, less detailed categories.

Solutions: Make storage solutions easily accessible (no lids!) and pretty (matching baskets and bins, anyone?).


Description: Butterflies are visual organizers that can easily forget about items when they are stored out of sight. They also struggle to maintain detailed organizing systems and prefer fewer and larger categories when sorting their things.

Solutions: Clear bins with LARGE labels, hooks, open shelving, and accountability to declutter (with a friend or set a number of items to purge each month) are you friends!


Description: Crickets are hidden organizers who prefer to have their items stored behind closed doors. They also are detailed oriented and like to sort their items into many, small categories. A Cricket doesn't mind stopping to open a lid or sort items when putting away.

Solutions: Let go of perfectionism (you can always go back later to organize into smaller categories), organize your paper in a VERTICAL filing system (not horizontal piles), create systems that others can use as well, use a timer to stay focused, and use a labeler to ensure the system works.


Description: Bees are visual organizers who like to see their everyday used items out in the open. Bees also tend to be perfectionists who like a detailed organizing system, with many categories for their things. A Bee struggles more than any other type with letting go.

Solutions: Let go of perfection! Peg board organizers, clear bins and jars, open shelving/book cases, and creating a "project box" are really helpful ideas. Learn to let go of items and create a rule ("if I haven't used it in a year") to help you stay accountable!

Did one of the styles resonate with you? I would love to hear which one!

You can also take the quiz here - you don't even have to give her your email! Over 1 million people have taken the quiz, and I require it for all new clients I meet. Happy organizing!

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