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But Where Do I Donate My Stuff? 16 ideas for local or national organizations that can help!

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

**UPDATED 11/5/23** Scroll down to find out a GEM of a resource for Austin-area donations!

Picture this: you're sorting through a stack of items, determining what you're going to keep, donate, or trash. As you hold a piece of clothing in your hands you think, do I donate this or trash it? Who would want it? Is it in good enough shape to donate? And most importantly, where do I even donate it?

Have no fear, I got you! Below is a comprehensive list of national and local organizations that will take your donations - and even some that will come pick up your stuff! I've formatted the information for quick reference, so whether your concern is donating to a like-minded organization or you just want it picked up soon, it's easy to navigate. Happy donating!


Mission: Free website that lets you search by zip code to find local charities who will pick up your donations.

Accepted Items: Almost anything!

Schedule Pickup? Yes, online or by phone

Mission: The world's largest social aid organization supports many efforts including disaster relief, rehab, shelters, and food resources.

Accepted Items: Almost anything*

Schedule Pickup? Yes, online or by phone

Note: *In my experience, they typically take newer/cleaner items and will decline your 10-year-old couch and recliner if it has any sign of wear.

Mission: Among other things, Goodwill provides job training, employment services, and other programs for individuals needing assistance with job seeking.

Accepted Items: Almost anything

Schedule Pickup? Yes, you can donate in person at their stores, schedule a pick up (varies by location), and also drop items off in a donation bin, located usually in parking lots.

Mission: As a non-profit that is not funded by any part of the government, VVA supports Vietnam Veterans through education, support, and advocacy.

Accepted Items: Smaller items that can be carried by one person, no furniture, appliances or TVs

Schedule Pickup: Yes

Mission: Working with families, communities, and organizations to help individuals find safe and affordable housing.

Accepted Items: Almost anything, and construction equipment is greatly encouraged!

Schedule Pickup: Yes, on the phone

Mission: Help paralyzed veterans regain their independence after injury or diagnosis.

Accepted Items: gently used clothing, small appliances and household goods, vehicles

Schedule Pickup: Yes, online

Mission: Donating books and educational materials to inmates in prisons across the country. Click on the website to see which state has a program you can contact.

Accepted Items: New or like-new books, see their website for a wishlist and banned items

Schedule Pickup: No

Mission: "Give books away. Get books you want." This is more of a book trading site, membership is free, and you get points for sending books to others, which then you can use to request books.

Accepted Items: New or like-new books.

Schedule Pickup: No, unless you pay a shipping carrier to pick up your book package!

These organizations are often locally based, hosting their information on online bulletin boards, Facebook groups, or similar spaces. All items posted are FREE, and you can claim any item posted as well! Plus: you get to meet your neighbors and keep items out of the dump!

Local Theaters or Museums - Some theaters or museums can be interested in historical items, costumes, or books. Do a quick google search for locations and contact info.

Your Local Library - It's advisable to contact the library first to confirm their donation policies. Some libraries accept book donations for an annual book sale, and some will take them to donate to literacy projects.


(Plus all the above organizations)

This website is a searchable database of most Austin-area charities and non-profit organizations that accept physical and financial donations. Just simply enter the item you'd like to donate (tv, music stand, clothing, sofa) and a comprehensive list will pop up including mission, hours to donate, and location. This is a passion project of the creator, Kelley, so spread the word!

Mission: Fostering conservation and reuse through creativity, education, and community building.

Accepted Items: Art/craft supplies, scrapbooking items, fabric, magazines, yarn, ribbon, etc. Visit their site here to see what items they take and don't take and how to help them by sorting your items before dropping them off.

Schedule Pickup: No

Mission: Provides assistance in the form of food pantries, thrift stores, individual support, and many other avenues.

Accepted Items: Almost anything

Schedule Pickup: Yes

Mission: Receives all of APL's weeded materials as well as donations from the public, then sells them with the proceeds benefiting APL.

Accepted Items: All printed materials except magazines, CDs/DVDs, art, board games, VHS, audio cassettes, puzzles

Schedule Pickup: No

Mission: Empower women to reach economic success by providing a network of support, professional attire and the developmental tools to help them thrive in work and in life.

Accepted Items: Jewelry, handbags, and unused toiletries. Currently not accepting clothing donations at the time of this publication.

Schedule Pickup: No

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